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The Texas A&M Soltis Centre is a research and education facility whose property backs onto the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (Bosque Eterno de los Ninos), the largest private nature reserve in Costa Rica. Buses to the centre will leave CTEC at 12:45 Thursday afternoon, and get us to the centre around 13:15. Buses will pick us up at 16:15.

Once at the centre, you can join one the three guides that the Soltis Centre will provide, or you can go out with your own group. If you can volunteer to lead a group, please indicate your areas of expertise and/or anything in particular that you'll be looking for. Here is a map of the Soltis Centre trails.

Things to bring:
Rain gear
Insect repellant
Protective shoes.

Most important is to have something against rain. Hiking shoes are recommended. The trails are slippery - the centre can provide some woody walking sticks, but bring your own if you have. There are not a lot of mosquitoes, but there are many horse flies. To avoid nourishing them, wear light colours, and minimize exposed skin. The centre has some rubber boots and snake gaiters, but not enough for everyone.