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What's this all about?

TDWG is descending on a part of the world exceptionally rich in biodiversity. We won't have time for a true bioblitz, but, to encourage exploration and exposure to tools for citizen science, we are planning to put together a biodiversity snapshot of TDWG 2016, built out of images posted throughout the week by meeting participants.

I'm in meetings all week - when am I supposed to observe?

We've scheduled a visit to the Soltis Centre for Thursday afternoon. This will be the highlight of the "bioblitz". On other days, please post your ad-hoc observations, and consider volunteering to lead an observing session (e.g. a birding trip, or moth-lighting evening) targeted at a taxonomic group of your expertise.

How can I submit observations?

We will create an iNaturalist project for the bioblitz, and encourage the use of iNaturalist to make observations. You can browse through some iNaturalist-based bioblitzes at http://www.inaturalist.org/pages/bioblitz+guide. It's straightforward to browse by taxon or by observer, and by observations for which help with identification has been requested.

eBird and Pl@ntNet are also great apps, and we will also support their use for recording observations. Steve Kelling (eBird) , and Pierre Bonnet (Pl@ntNet), are participating in the meeting and even though iNaturalist co-director Scott Loarie can not be with us, he has agreed to help us on line. Pl@ntNet's Central American project is not yet public, but Pierre has offered to give us access.

What if I can't identify the species?