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Pl@ntNet is a human network based on an IT infrastructure enabling identification, aggregation and sharing of botanical records at a massive scale. This project has allowed to develop a computational infrastructure able to propose among others, a mobile plant identification service based on automated image analysis. It was initially adapted for a fraction of the European flora, but is now extended to other tropical regions such as Indian Ocean flora, French Guyana flora, and North African flora.

Where do I find it ?

  • Download the app on :
. AppStore for iOS :

. GooglePlay for Androïd :
  • Or use it online at :

How do I use it ?

I have an Androïd phone

Create an account

You have 2 options :

  1. use the TDWG account (email user ; user name tdwg2016 ; password lafortuna)
  2. create your own account and then send the email address you used and your user name to (so we could give you the access to the North America project)

Choose the North America project

Verify you're in the good project. If you're not, just click on the name and choose the "North America" project in the list.

I have an iPhone

  • 1. Create an account with a user name, and your email ; or use the TDWG account (user name : tgwd2016 ; password : lafortuna)

  • Take a picture of a plant, then :
 . try to identify with the image recognition service, then share your observation
 . or contribute directly with the name of the plant if you already know it.